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Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner Hair Color
 Our model Haley is a former Miss Michigan, on this model. We used Artego Lightener. Foil Highlighting was the method to achieve this hair-color, she is a natural level 5. This is a Before and After Model. Goldwell Colorance glossing was also used for the final finish of the hair color. And the makeup used was Mac makeup. Joseph Kellner 2013 Photo Shoots.
Joseph Kellner after-missy.jpg
 This models hair-color is one of my favorites. We used a mixture of one level darker from her natural hair-color for low-lighting. And two levels lighter for another shade of copper red from Goldwell hair-color, then a creme lightener was used to provide extra lightening for the hair-color. A hair color glaze was used on this model a Light Copper Blonde, to add tonal value to the overall hair-color. MAC makeup was used for her photo shoot. Joseph Kellner 2011 Photo Shoots. 
Joseph Kellner  joseph kellner
 This model's hair was low-lighted with several Goldwell Topchic colors to achieve a dimensional effect. Levels 6 through 7 were used from the Copper Gold and also Brown Gold. The hair was also pre-lightened with 5 volume lightener. Goldwell Colorance hair color glazes Level 9 Neutral were applied for a even tonal value of the highlighted hair. Goldwell Hair-color was used for this color correction and home haircare was prescribed. MAC makeup was used for her photo shoot. Joseph Kellner 2011 Photo Shoots.
 This model requested warm tones of copper, brown and red browns. MAC Makeup was used on this model. Joseph Kellner 2011 Photo Shoots.
joseph kellner  joseph kellner
 This model was tired of the same type of foil pattern. Specializing in hair color and hair design you have to stay up to date with the current trends. With this request, I knew that with the length of the hair, I could use it as a canvas for my hair color. Starting with a custom hair design, I used numerous tones of warm blonde and light blonde. Weaves and slices were used as my placement patterns. Goldwell hair color was used for this client. MAC Makeup was used on this model. Joseph Kellner 2011 Photo Shoots.
Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner
 Dark Brown Low-Lights And MAC Makeup 2016

My client who is a well known model came in with a over-processed Ombre hair-color. From a hairdresser from West Palm Beach. She wished to have it taken back to her natural hair-color. But keeping some of the foiled high-lights in the hair. Simple job! I low-lighted it with Goldwell hair-color with foils from the Neutral series and gave the hair after processing a Redken Color gloss. MAC Makeup was used for her photo-shoot. Wonderful Client!


Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner

Darkest Brown Hair Color Glossing And MAC Makeup 2017

On this model I used a Goldwell Hair Coloring Gloss. A level 1 - Blue Black mixed with Blueberry.  The color processed for a total of 30 minutes. This was a Demi-Permenant Hair Color srevice. The makeup used was MAC Makeup for her Photo-shoot.


Joseph Kellner.com  annette.jpg

Dark Brown Hair With Balayage Accented Color 2017

On this model we used a Goldwell hair color lightener for a suttle raising of the natural hair color.  Processing for over 30 minutes, a Goldwell hair coloring glaze was used for a color balance on all the pre-lightened hair.  MAC Makeup was used on this model for her Photo-Shoot.


Joseph KellnerJoseph Kellner

MAC Makeup and Goldwell Hair Color 2014

This model was given a suttle foil highlight. She has a level 5 natural base color, and a Goldwell level (7A) Permanent Hair Color was used to slowly turn the natural hair color to a shade lighter. Also a Redken Hair Color Glossing was also the finishing product used for all the hair all over to achieve a incredible shine to the hair. MAC Makeup was used for the model during this photo-shoot! This whole hair color technique created a soft brown effect on the hair. Which also gave the model a dimension to the natural level 5 hair color. Hair and Makeup for this shoot was done by Joseph Kellner in Orlando, Florida 32819.




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