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 Best Hair Color in Orlando - Joseph Kellner Hairdresser/Makeup Artist In Orlando, offers Top Balayage, Corrective Hair Color, Hair Designs and Makeup Services.Goldwell, Redken Haircolor.


If you've had your hair lightened and then decided platinum just isn't your thing, go back to your colorist and she or he can simply apply a hair color remover to get the shade you prefer. This also depends on the porosity of the hair! Occasionally, hair is so damaged that it just can't absorb color. In that case, your only recourse is to either have the damage cut off or wait for healthier hair to grow in.  Many clients will come into the salon with very degraded hair, and the levels of porosity are numerous in the hair. Customers will bring photographs into the salon asking for this color or that hair color. Photographs are a excellent way to exchange ideas during a consultation as the salon. But many photographs are also edited and the hair colors are very enhanced. Customers will come in and ask for this color or two to three different hair colors. The porosity of the hair has the deciding factor with corrective hair color.

And if the hair is degraded there is really nothing to do but to cut the hair off. When the hair is foil highlighted to a very, very light blond applying low lights to the hair can be a (iffy) solution. Because the hair if degraded will not hold a low light very long. Normally if a low light is applied to the hair and the hair is degraded it will wash out within a few weeks after the initial service. The condition of the hair will let me know what I can, and cannot do.  It's all about porosity and texture of the hair. Consultation is a important service to me, I will not do anything I know that will not come out correctly.  


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 We've all had to experiment with corrective hair color. It starts out the same for everyone. You've decided to do something drastic to your hair. You've gone from dark brown to golden blond or put tints of blue in your black hair. An hour and a half later, your hair is dry, frizzy, damaged, and a completely different color than you had imagined. This horrible fear is a reality for many women, who are often taken by surprise when they experiment with a new salon. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this. First and foremost, always take a picture of the color and style you want when you go in to get your hair done. This eliminates any communication errors that may occur and it gives the hair-dresser a better idea of what you want and whether it will work for your skin tone.



Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819   Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819

There are four basic reasons you might need to correct your color. Too Light, Too Dark, Too Ashy, Too Brassy

Once you find what the problem is, the solution is usually very simple. You can do a tint back if it is too light. If it is too dark, you can put in highlights or low lights. Before you panic, always remember that dark color will always fade and ashy color will always tone down. Hair disasters are not nearly as bad as you think in the moment, and they are almost always remedied simply and quickly. Edit Text

Due to the prior service given to the client.. If the hair is damaged, I do not suggest proceeding with a chemical service. I would normally ask the customer to wait a week or two weeks to start the color correction. Porosity is a key factor on how well the damaged hair can be lightened and how long the tone will stay in the hair. Permanent hair color is permanent but the tone is not. The virtue in corrective hair color is patience.

The customer must understand that there will be follow-up appointments in securing the final goal of the hair color. Hair color fades and that will also be a problem for the client. This is due to porosity of the hair. The health of the hair must be given a total commitment by the client. Home hair care is a must. Establishing realistic goals between the client and colorist is very important. Remember, the colorist who is fixing the prior chemical service is not the one who damaged it.

 Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819  corrective hair coloring in orlando

 Honey Blonde/Soft Golden Hair Color And MAC Makeup 2016

On this model we took her hair color from a level 10 down to a warm honey blonde level 7-8. After doing the process which took 3 times for even coverage. We foiled the hair with Artego hair lightener and processed at room temperature for 30-40. Then a Redken Shades EQ hair color gloss was added. MAC Makeup was used for this Christmas Photo Shoot 2016. 


 Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819 Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819

 Goldwell Hair Color Gloss and MAC Makeup 2017

This model wish to have several inches taken off her length. And she also wanted to add shine to her natural hair color which is a darkest brown.  I added a Goldwell Colorance Glaze to the hair to promote shine and make sure she has even coverage. The hair was trimed and set in loose waves. MAC Make Makeup was used for this Photo Shoot 2017.


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 Brunette Hair Color With Soft Foil Highlights 2016

On this model we used Artego level 5 Brown hair color. And also added a touch of Soft Beige highlights to the hair color application. A Redken Shades EQ color gloss was added to provide sheen for her Photo Shoot. Mac Makeup was used for this model.


Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819 Hair color salon in orlando florida 32819

 Medium Brown Hair Color 100% Grey 2016

This model has 100% grey hair. Goldwell Hair Color level 5nn was used for this coloring process along with a few well placed  Red Amber foils. MAC Makeup was used for this models Photo-Shoot.




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