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11885001_10207744856678739_4774407907949841785_o.jpg.w560h919.jpg   Joseph Kellner

 MAC Makeup and Goldwell Hair Color 2014

This model was given a suttle foil highlight. She has a level 5  natural base color, and a Goldwell level (7A) Permanent Hair Color was used to slowly turn the natural hair color to a shade lighter. Also a Redken Hair Color Glossing was also the finishing product used for all the hair all over to achieve a incredible shine to the hair.  MAC Makeup was used for the model during this photo-shoot! This whole hair color technique created a soft brown effect on the hair. Which also gave the model a dimension to the natural level 5 hair color. Hair and Makeup for this shoot was done by Joseph Kellner in Orlando, Florida 32819



Joseph Kellner   Joseph Kellner
This client received a short cropped hairstyle and a new base color. Goldwell hair-color was used for this application. The hairstyle was done before any hair-color was applied. This is important when doing extremely short textured hairstyles. After the base color was done foil highlighting was also done with a variation of slices and weaves. Goldwell Topchic Colorance glaze was the final application of hair-color for the client. Placing tones on top of your highlights is very important. When you foil highlight on top of color treated hair, you will get a RAW tone from the bleach. When you highlight non-colored treated hair you will get beautiful variations of natural highlights! I believe you have to tone the hair after a foil highlight to give the consumer shine, condition, and luster to the hair. MAC Makeup was used on this model for her Photo Shoot. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoot 2013



Joseph Kellner Top Hair Colorist  IMG_8855.JPG
Red-Violet Highlights
This client was a natural for this hair-color option. Medium brown hair-color was used with a trace of burgundy as the tone of the brown (Level -5) hair-color. Goldwell Topchic was used for this formula. The client has very resistant hair and a considerable amount of grey. After processing the base color the client was shampooed and dry for the next step. A considerable amount of foil highlights were place in the clients hair, weaves and slices were implemented to compliment the hairstyle. Goldwell Colorance Glaze was the final step in achieving this tone for the highlight color.  MAC Makeup was used on this model for her Photo Shoot. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2013



joseph kellner   Joseph Kellner Salon
A brown tone was implemented for a base color (Level-5) warm. Soft dark blonde highlights were also introduced in this color. Goldwell Colorance glazing was also given to the client for a toning application to the highlights.  Alot of the consumer products sold for home hair care, and hairstyling are not up to the job for the level of finish a client is used to be getting at the salon. Know your styling tools. Coarse hair will need a higher temperature for straightening with a flat iron and also with a curling iron. Blonde hair needs a lower temperature. When a client keeps straightening the hair with the flat iron until the desired result is achieved it will burn the hair. Just a few strokes of the flat iron will do the job.  MAC makeup was used on this model. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2013


Joseph Kellner   hair color in orlando


This client was a deep brown hair-color with a level 7 highlight tone when she came in for a corrective hair-color service. I used a Scruples level 5 (Blue) to alleviate all the red tones in her hair. Foils where then placed into the hair to slightly lighten the hair strands. Lowlights were also implemented of the base color formula (Level-5) for added texture. Goldwell Colorance glaze was used on the hair after processing to give the highlighted hair a natural tone. MAC makeup was used for this model. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2013.







Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner

Brown Hair Color to a Multi Colored Red Head MAC Makeup 2017


This model has long layered hair. And a simple mocha brown hair-color with a little dimension of foil Highlights. I took the hair style and turned into a classic Diagonal forward style and added multi-colored red and red orange hair colors. MAC Makeup was used for this models photo-shoot 2017.







Joseph Kellner Salon  Joseph Kellner

100% White Hair Goldwell Red Violet Hair Color And MAC Makeup 2017


 This client is 100% White hair. I use a level 7-8 base color from Goldwell. I processed for a total of 50 minutes the base color. And then shampooed the hair and applied a Goldwell Colorance hair color glaze for another 15 Minutes. After all the hair coloring processes. I then did a GK Hair Tamer for her. My client has slightly wavy and frizzy hair. This service will smooth out the hair and make it easier for my to gain a more smoother blow-out. Mac Makeup was used for her Photo-Shoot 2017.




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