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Joseph Kellner Salon
Joseph Kellner Hair/Makeup Salon Menu 2021
 Women's Hair Design/Style $47.00 (Includes Shampoo, Design and Finish)

Women's Hair Design Only $37.00 (Includes Shampoo)

Women's Blow Out $37.00 (Includes Shampoo)

Single Process Hair Color Regrowth Only $47.00 (Short to Medium and Long Length Hair)

Foil Highlights (Full) $100.00 ( Short to Medium Length Hair)

Foil Highlights (Full) $150.00 (Long Length Hair)

Foil Highlights (Half) $79.00 (All Lengths)

Charge Per Single Foil $5.00

Color Glossing For Highlights $10.00

Bleach Retouch Regrowth $66.00 (Short to Medium Length Hair)

Bleach Retouch Regrowth $86.00 (Long Length Hair)

Full Balayage Highlights $175.00 (Medium to Long Hair)

Partial Balayage Highlights (Includes Top and Sides) $100.00 (Medium to Long Hair)

In Salon Blowout and Makeup $67.00 (Includes Lash's)

In Salon Makeup Only $37.00 (False Lash's are $10.00 More)

Keratin Treatments Short Length Hair $151.00

Keratin Treatments Medium Length Hair $181.00

Keratin Treatments Long Length Hair - $200.00

Editorial - Film - Print Scheduling and Fee

All pricing is for all contracted work (Hair/Makeup) within the State of Florida

 Full Day (10) Hours $800.00 + Kit Fee $25.00, Travel Fee $50.00

Half Day (5) Hours 500.00 + Kit Fee $25.00, Travel Fee $50.00

Quarter Day $300.00 + Travel Fee $50.00



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