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 Tips For Your Skin Color

What is your skin type like? Are you oily, combination skin or normal? Depending on what your skin type is and what kinds of needs you are looking for depends on the formula to look for. Usually when shopping online for foundations, you can click the description of the product and it can tell you who the foundation is best for. When you go shopping and a sales person will say something like "Who it's for: Normal to oily skin."  which is super helpful when seeing if a formula works for you. You can also look for shade ranges that offer added skincare benefits or mention how it is formulated to wear on the skin. When shopping for foundations look for a range that offers not only a wide color range but also undertones - like warm, neutral or cool.

An undertone and skin tone are two different things to remember when shopping for a foundation. Under the skin is your undertone, an easy way to remember. During the seasons, especially summer or winter when you may be more tan or fair, your skin tone can change. But, your undertone never does. Cool undertones contain more blue. Neutral undertones are versatile and can wear neutral, warm or cool foundations and are between yellow and blue. Warm undertones are a little more on the yellow side.

How do you know if you have cool, neutral or warm undertones? Check your veins. If you have purple or blue veins, you're cool. Blue or green, then you're neutral. And green or olive veins, when you have a warm undertone. Now that you've got your undertone figured out, lets tackle the skin tone.




 Makeup Advice For Mature Skin.

The very nature of powder is that coats and matte's your face. If you're oily, this can be great, but oil production slows as we age. As we get older, powder starts looking dry, ashy, and dusty on our skin, which visually ages us. What we really want is a youthful glow. Instead of powder, use a setting spray to keep makeup in place. Add an extra layer of moisturizer to dry or dehydrated areas before applying any makeup. Many finer lines can be reduced or eliminated with extra hydration. Additionally, use liquid foundation with light-reflecting particles, and cream blushes and bronzers. I would recommend going to your local MAC store and making a appointment with a professional on which type of foundation to use for your skin range.

Cleansing the face is very important and when there are creases in the skin make sure to double wash the face. Mascara has a tendency to really hold to the creases of the under eye's. Use a toner if your skin is oily, and also a moisturizer if the skin is dry. I would also recommend a equalizer for the skin before the application of your makeup. This will provide you back up for a smooth appearance, and will even out the porosity of the skin. The object is to even the porosity and have a clean palette to work with for the best application for your client. And again be careful of using dry powders.




Blowouts and Makeup

  Blowouts and Makeup Appointments are always available with me. Either at the salon, or your location. Do you have a special event, engagement, photo-shoot or a evening out with friends?
The service includes Shampoo-Styling-Makeup. The price of the service is $67.00. False eyelashes are included.
Appointments are necessary. 





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