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Joseph Kellner    Joseph Kellner
MAC Makeup and Goldwell Haircolor 2016
 This haircolor and makeup model was used for a professional editorial photoshoot. Goldwell hair color was used to give the model a full highlighted effect to her natural haircolor. A level (7A) Goldwell hair color was used for a lowlighted effect and a bleaching agent was used for the highlighted effect.  And of course we also used a Goldwell Colorance Plus Glaze Level (10A) on the hair to achieve the desired tone to the haircolor. Mac Makeup was used on this model for the photo shoot.  Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2014.
Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner
 This Goldwell hair-color model has naturally wavy hair. Two tones of hair-color where used for a lowlight, and a high-lift blond goldwell hair-color was used for highlights. MAC Makeup was used on this models hair for her photo shoot. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2012.
Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner
 This model we used Goldwell hair-color, two different shades of blond were used. And also two different tones of low-lites. After the color service she was given a Goldwell colorance glaze to tone the high-lift blond. This service was done with foil highlight's. Warm tones of blond hair color were introduced into the hair. Two different tones of light blond highlight's were also placed into the hair. This client has very thick and wavy hair. And a slicing technique was done on the hair color model. MAC Makeup was used on this models hair for her photo shoot. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2009.
Best Hair Color In Orlando  IMG_7464.jpg
Brown Hair Color And MAC Makeup 2016
 This model we used Goldwell Level 5 Blue to take away any and all unwanted red tones in the hair. The end result was a cool medium brown. MAC Makeup was used on this models hair for her photo shoot. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2009. 
Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner
 Hair Design And MAC Makeup Photo-Shoot 2016

My client wished to have at least 6-7 inches of her long red hair cut off. I was more than willing to do it. Because of the high heat index we have in Orlando, Florida 32819. Still keeping her long red locks to about the bra strap, we went ahead and used MAC Makeup for her photo shoot, and blowed dried the hair in a natural set and curled it with a iron.


Joseph Kellner  Joseph Kellner

Hair Design/Hair Color - Foil Highlights - MAC Makeup 2011

This model recieved Foil Highlights and a secondary low light hair color of a level six in the blue family. The hair was cut in a simple layered style with a side bang. MAC Makeup was used for this Photo-Shoot.


joseph kellnerjoseph kellner


This client was a deep brown hair-color with a level 7 highlight tone when she came in for a corrective hair-color service. I used a Scruples level 5 (Blue) to alleviate all the red tones in her hair. Foils where then placed into the hair to slightly lighten the hair strands. Lowlights were also implemented of the base color formula (Level-5) for added texture. Goldwell Colorance glaze was used on the hair after processing to give the highlighted hair a natural tone. MAC makeup was used for this model. Joseph Kellner Salon Photo Shoots 2013.


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