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At times a customer will want to refreshen up there hair color. Our model Brittany has a small percentage of grey hair, and we want to just shade the grey hair. Hair color glazing, toning, call it what you want was done for this model. Goldwell hair color was used and a solution that matched her natural hair color level was applied. The product was processed to the manufacturers instruction as per the formula and percentage of grey. Make up was done for the model using MAC Makeup, and I did her application as a clean beauty makeup. Joseph Kellner 2013 Photo Shoots



The model has fine thin hair, and the use of permanent hair color was needed. Goldwell level 6 warm brown tones were used. And also Goldwell Demi-Permanent hair-color was used as a color bath. The style was cut into long layers. This model was a given treatment's several times to restore the structure of the cuticle. Hair color treatments are very important to the corrective color client, this will achieve superior health of the hair, and considerable luster. Blonde hair is very fragile. Smashbox cosmetics were used on this model.  Joseph Kellner 2011 Photo Shoots.


                  Goldwell Haircolor 2011




Our models hair is thick fine hair, and was very chemically treated. A textured hair style was suggested and dimensional color placement was used, Goldwell Demi-Permanent hair-color was used. Dark brown, Dark blonde, and Scruples Blazing were used to create this very trendy and wearable style. Achieving a balance of protein and moisture in the hair shaft is very important. I always suggest Reconstructive treatments once a week. Hair-color should always be maintained during a 6 week retouch period. MAC Makeup was used for this models Photo Shoot.


               Goldwell Haircolor 2011



This is one of our favorite models, her long hair was styled into a textured style. Goldwell permanent hair color was used to achieve this tone of brown. The health of the hair is very important, if the hair lacks structure it will not hold artificial hair color. Permanent hair-color will be permanent, but the tone of your hair-color will not stay. Using salon products is a must if you often change your hair-color. Always protect your hair from the heat and the sun. This will extend your hair-color. MAC Makeup was used for this models Photo Shoot 2008


               Goldwell Haircolor 2008




This model has very curly hair and requested a dimensional blonde hair color. We used Goldwell lowlights, and added a highlift blonde haircolor. After the Haircolor was completed a Goldwell Colorance glaze of a light blonde tone was added. Naturally curly/wavy hair will eject the artificial hair color very quickly. So toning the highlights for a long period of time during this corrective hair color was very important. This hair color client was adviced not to place alot of foil highlights in with her natural hair color. This will loose the tone on tone effect. Home hair-care treatments were adviced. This is a Before & After Model.  MAC Makeup was used on this model for her Photo Shoot 2012.



                 Goldwell Haircolor 2012

josephkellner goldwell haircolor salon



This customer requested a brown hair-color and I used Goldwell, and Scruples hair-color to achieve my look. Multiple tones of dark blonde, medium blonde hair color was implemented in the hair color formula. This was a true corrective hair-color service. Makeup advice was given in this service. Makeup should always be changed if the hair-color is changed. After the hair-color service was completed and Goldwell Glaze was applied to enhance to light brown hair-color. Joseph Kellner Photo Shoots 2009.



                 Goldwell Haircolor 2009



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